Sunday, January 23, 2011


... seems to keep coming at me!

Most of these are songs I havent bought yet but have previewed and LOVED.

Sometimes I wish music didn't cost money... :(

1. Soweto Gospel Choir

There's a power and emotion to African Gospel singers in general that just... astounds me. Something so incredibly guteral and real and pure about this music... this song was way encouraging. Though the lyrics are so simple the music... God imparts power through it!! You can totally feel it!!

2. Matisyahu
I've known about Matisyahu for quite a long time but just recently began looking at his music again after my trip to Israel :D. Bought his song "Jerusalem" and LOVED it. Just listened to "Indestructable" and also.. LOVED it. Fun, catchy and also another really emotion-filled type of music (reggae). I think I love this song especially for the chorus and 3rd verse:
"Just untooling the hands of the builder. Fill them with the strength to go further. Digging deep for eternal treasure. Stay away from quick sand and false pleasure. Them mouths speak with arrogance. Appearance like a lion lurking in the mist. They surround and they gaze their fix. Grab the rope of Gods heritage"
3. Priscilla Ahn

Elegant. Beautiful. Simple. Sometimes the depth of the music, and the depth of the true Giver of this beautiful music can make a deep pool out of these simple carefree lyrics. Truely touching.

4. Jonny Lang

Wow!! Did this amazing artist seem to pop out of nowhere to me! INCREDIBLE vocalist!!! You would never imagine looking at his face that THAT kind of voice would come out of him! I really hope to someday buy the whole album (which is a mixture of Blues and Gospel music [!!!!!!!!]) but the song I do have made me CRY the first time I heard it, "Only a Man". He hits conversion and the desparity of the Christians utter dependance about God right on the head! B E A U T I F U L!!

Theres much more... but I cant pick so... Goodnight!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Feel like I've been











for a while now... living the Christian life great for a while, then royally screwing it up. Trying hard to protect myself from messing up all the while making huge mistakes in other areas. Asking for Gods help but only sometimes taking it. All the time battling mean spirited untrue thoughts about people who are close to me... Then times when I'm so tired... ah.
O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?

A dear, dear friend of mines grandmother recently called me out of no where and laid much grace and mercy from God on me in a phone conversation when I was feeling so heavy and weighed down. She recommended (and gave) this book to me called "The Green Letters" by Miles J. Stanford which is about Christian maturity. Man, God is so sovereign... something I say non stop but... I can't get over it. This book has been speaking volumes to me about...myself. And more importantly about Christ. I need to realize, accept, and (haha) live daily in the fact that because of CHRIST

I'm dead,
For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. 
There was no hope for me, my flesh. So God came and I was crucified, 2,000 years ago. And me, my flesh needs to STAY in that tomb so that Jesus may live in this tent.

But I'm not going down easy I guess...

"Is it not time we allowed the Holy Spirit to get at the source, and cut off this stream of sins before they are committed? Is this not infinitely better than the wreckage caused by sin, even through confessed? When believers get sick and tired of spinning year after year in a spiritual squirrel cage- sinning, confessing, but then sinning again- they will be ready for God's answer to the source of sin, which is death to self, brought fourth from the completed work of the cross...I must recognize that the enemy within the camp- the flesh, the old nature, self, I, the old Adam- is a usurper. By faith I must reckon him to be in the place that God put him- crucified with Christ. I must realize that now my life is hid with Christ in God; that He is my life."   
The Green Letters
 All this to say I still haven't gotten it yet... but man... oh man do I believe... that God is a gracious God.

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

It is ALL Him... all the time!

So while in the midst of this struggle of putting to death my self and allowing the Spirit free reign I find kindred spirits who seem to sing the same song :)