Thursday, July 21, 2011


I am humbled to the floor.

This morning consisted of a very gulity prayer time for me... I was feeling Godly conviction but also demonic guilt over how I conducted myself the day prior. The one thing I feel I left with this morning that was of God was that what is MOST important is where you are RIGHT NOW with the Lord. Yes, you fall, have you gotton up. Yes you found out that you arent always right (a VERY good thing) so how are you going to change to be different the next time.

So I came in the house and checked my email and my mission support report (yes... it rhymes)

and this is the figure I found:

I need to raise $12,000 over the course of the whole year. The amount thats been given to me currently?


My jaw... IT DROPPED! I was floored by the amount I had thought I had before I checked which was around 7K.... I had NO IDEA God was going to provide this fast for my need.....

A part of me screams out, "Why God? As You saw yesterday, I don't deserve this!!???"

But another part... a quite voice that is starting to get louder, "Its for His glory Lyndsay. He has made you worthy by the blood of Yeshua. Accept it as a child. Take on a heart of thankfulness toward God and toward the people He chooses to use"

So, if you've given to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you. I'm praying blessings on your heart that you might on a deeper level know the person of God.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Great Advice From An Unsuspecting Place

Hey all!

So I'm on the popular website called Tumblr (this should be a link to my page.. we'll see) and I've found a really thriving Christian community on there which has been pretty interesting watching the Kingdom of God coming about... through the Internet. lol

Anyway, there are people using that website that deal with every problem under the sun (which is another reason why I think there is such a big amount of people using the site, people aren't afraid to reach out for help and to ask for help/prayer however hard it might be for them). From depression to self harm, from eating disorders to pornography. People are getting their prayer requests out and God is working though peoples prayers!! It's really a beautiful thing to see!

Anyway, I found out about this ministry called Beggars Daughter which helps woman who have dealt with pornography addictions. I browsed the website because though I don't deal with a pornographic addiction, I have dealt in the past with an addiction to men, which has included alot of day-dreaming. On the site they had a specific article about the renewal of our minds (Romans 12:2).

The advice given in the article was SO good, you can pretty much take out the word "pornography" and substitute it for any other sin that you're dealing with!!

The article is found here.


** Some of my Tumblr friend's pages: