Monday, February 8, 2010

Maybe still....

So I came across this quote by Andrew Stanton, director of Finding Nemo and Wall.e talking about the movie Wall.e
The greatest commandment Christ gives us is to love, but that's not always our priority. So I came up with this premise that could demonstrate what I was trying to say—that irrational love defeats the world's programming. You've got these two robots that are trying to go above their basest directives, literally their programming, to experience love.
With the human characters I wanted to show that our programming is the routines and habits that distract us to the point that we're not really making connections to the people next to us. We're not engaging in relationships, which are the point of living—relationship with God and relationship with other people.
Here's the link to the article. So it turns out he's a Christian and is working at Pixar... maybe that IS in my future... :D

ps. real blog coming soon...