Saturday, December 29, 2012





Follow one of my best friends and her family on a journey to the Holy land, reuniting her grandmother with her siblings who she hasn’t seen in over 60 years!


Fulfilling prophecy, revealing history, expanding family


WOW! So cool!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Venting of Personal Frustration

(I started a great blog post that I just haven't had time to finish... will probably finish within the next few days I'm supposing... gotta get this off my chest first)


Why is it so hard to be truly grateful?

Why does sooooooooooo much of my happiness depend on how my life compares with the lives of others?

I know that some of the reasons why I don't feel %100 fulfilled are just because certain areas of my life aren't fulfilled yet (marriage/family) and though I have to realize that having that lack does suck and theres not much that I can do to change that, that does IN NO WAY mean that people who do have those things have any less struggle, heart ache, problems ect. than I do. Its just that their problems are different (and in some ways, harder) than my own.

Why can't I get it into my thick skull that EVERY part of life has beauty, wonder, fulfillment and LIFE and that I am NEVER going to get the time of my life that's happening right now back again?

When will I realize that everything isn't final all the time? That most likely I will not end up settling down in Quincy, that most likely I will find someone to be with for the rest of my life, that most likely I will have a family... its just all those things aren't contingent on MY time frame but on GODS...

Most importantly, when will I realize that:

God's timing is better than mine...
Until I get it, I'm seeking to learn to love God with all that I've got every day and loving people in the best ways that I can every day and living, every day as if that's all I got. Soaking up every blessing, letting go of the sin that so easily entangles, rejoicing in what God has given me, rejoicing in what God has gifted others, FORSAKING the lies of this age/Satan/my flesh that will tell me to covet what isn't and shouldn't be mine.
It's a hard process... but I think its the process itself that really counts in the end to God anyway...