Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Josh Garrels

Just heard some great news and I really have to plug one of my favorite musical artists. I first heard Josh Garrels music when I was having a meeting with one of my favorite (... they were kind of all my favorite but that just makes them all really great!) professors Laura Lasworth. When I heard what I found out later was the song Break Bread (which you can download for FREE here just click on the harmonica :) I said to Laura, "Who is this??" and she said, "It's actually Gala's brother Josh" (Gala is actually another one of my favorite professors :) I went to his website and was instantly hooked.

I occasionaly frequent his blog and on a recent trip there I read something so great! He had been asking for prayer about his upcoming album (him and his wife do all of the work for the album out of pocket I believe) because of the cost to make it and because of him being sick. His latest posting anounced that the album was finished and- so cool- they were giving it away digitally for free till they have the hard copies done... wow! Heres some things he says in the post, "We've really felt the Lord asking us to give this album away for one year, and it's our joy to do so!" "We want this to be a 'year of jubilee'!"

What the beautiful manifestation of the gracious Spirit of Yeshuah!

Heres an INCREDIBLE video of one of his songs: