Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Frank Gonzales

Was looking up some refrence pictures on google when I found this guy Frank Gonzales

Really interesting stuff



Monday, July 6, 2009

Notes From God

Just a few things Hes been teaching me lately

There are definate seasons/periods/whatever else you want to call it in life. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. But He never stops teaching us. Ask for understanding

If you feel defeated by sin, if you feel sluggish, if you feel unuseful, if you feel lonely ect... SERVE. Its this new way about the new Kingdom. It feels conterintuitive at first, but the breath thats breathed anew in yours and the people you are helpings lives is pretty incredible

But... its also ok to just rest. You can still be serving God by just sitting in the knowledge of Him

God is the God of the millionth chance

Be aware of sin in your life. Ask God to reveal just how aweful and monsterous sin is. It feels good to just plain HATE your sin.

See blessing. Accept it. Praise Him for it. Yes, you have it. Everywhere you look. Ask for eyes to see it.

If you think God is asking you to give up something that is an extraneous time waster that is not bringing you closer to Him, it probably is Him who's talking to you. Just start giving it up and ask God what to do with the extra time. You'll be suprised.

Don't be preachy. Don't EVER think you know it all. View everyone on the same level and a little higher than yourself.

Do expect change in yourself, but don't expect it to come fast

God WILL work things out. Even when and especially when you can't see it yet

The only good in you is not from you at all. And that is the same with everyone else

The Spirit of God is so powerful and GOOD. Ask Jesus for Him to come more often

ONE DAY AT A TIME. Dream big, but don't plan. Be ok if His dream for you is even bigger or (on the outside) smaller than your own

Endless struggle WILL END, there will come times when litterally all you can do is hold on to your Father... when we are there, usually deliverance is about to come

Be patient with yourself when learning patience... obviously

Let yourself get excited sometimes, the joy of the Lord is your strength

Find your comfort in scripture and likeminded individuals when you feel like you're the only one

A Day is coming when we'll see Him... think about that more often

Oh and you should watch this and the other two as well. I love the DCB :) Guess whats in two weeksyeah its CREATION!