Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Glorious Our God!




By the sheer realiability of God... and His power, glory, presence... and everything else of course, but as of late, if He has proved Himself to be anything He has proved Himself FAITHFUL. I have fell into this hole time and time again, obsessing and wanting something now that God is asking me to wait till He gives it to me. I've been through this same situation MANY many times, thinking that I've learned it. "Next time, I will be faithful to you God. Whenever this distraction comes I'll just give it fully to You." And of course this time I thought I was doing that... not at all.
Something God has been teaching me this year not only through that situation but many others is PATIENCE. God is removed from time, He's above it. Every moment in time to Him is happening all the time. There is NO way we can understand that! BUT... with the power of the Holy Spirits life through us we are able to cope with the unknown of that. And I really think God was trying (and is still trying) to teach me that fact with putting me in situations that require me to be patient. Whats AWESOME about that is there was a point a few years ago durring my prayer time when I remember pleading with God to grow the gift of the Spirit patience within me.


and we are NOT.

Its so beautiful, God... how everything You've made and are about is so diverse, yet so interconnected... I cannot begin to understand how anyone would doubt Your existatnce.

Triune God... I THANK YOU... eternally... for your Grace-filled presence that has been near to me all day. There is not other way possible that I would have been able to deal with this let down in my life without it. And whats even more beautiful is that Your presence is THOUSANDS of times better, more fulfilling and more complete than anything I think I'm missing out on.

.-On Christ the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand-.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Sweet Illustrators

Last quarter I had to present a artist that I liked to the class... I wish I would have found these guys before then

Kei Acedera started her career at 16 doing murals for mansions and casinos. Shes worked with the New York Times, Sony, Disney and MANY other places. Heres some of her work:

Bobby Chiu started his career at 17 designing toys for Warner Bros., Disney and Star Wars. Here are a few of his peices:

Jason Seiler has worked for clients such as MAD and TIME magazines, Universal Pictures and New Line Cinemas. His are some of my favorites:

God BLESS you all!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Isnt it funny how God brings us down to size?

I've been struggling alot recently... mostly with wanting things now instead of waiting for Gods timing. It seems like whenever I have one specific area I'm struggling in I seem to "do good" in most other areas, like I remember to be kind and help people and stuff like that. I then begin to see the sin of other people and think, "Wow... they really need God to help them. They are such sinners. At least I'm only dealing with this one little thing." Then... after God has helped me through the big problem... I go and screw up. I allow myself to be exposed to things that are not of God and I feel I'm too big and cool to help the poor........ Then... I come to God and am like


I've been learning more and more about theology this past year and a half. I've learned the different veiwpoints of all the great theologians. I've learned about Calvinism and Armenianism and the differences in what they believe. Its been interesting and thought-provoking. I've learned alot.............................................. however...

I'm a sinner

But I'm called to be a saint

I've messed up more times than I can count and I still mess up
But God has began to transform me. Not only my likes and dislikes but my very personality has began to take on change

All these things are absolute truths ... have I figured out the meanings of them yet?

not in the least.

Do I trust that God is bigger than all of my confussion and has a plan to work through a dirty, messed up sinner like me?

you becha'

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Try at This

So I want this to be a place to

1. Share what God has been sharing with me

2. Share cool art that I've found

3. Share...... other things

Its gunna be great....